With changing tune of time, as the world & the people are evolving so are the relationships. The rapid changing relationship and human behaviour dynamic is causing imbalance and collapses. The failing number of marriages and the divorce rate is on the increase, well the truth is there is an increase in heat. 

The fast-changing lives, the rise of climate crises, crises of peace, disturbance over the waters & borders, the escalation of wars seems everlasting struggle that humanity is set to. 

In the world of economics, geopolitics & our personal lives, the dark clouds are pouring many transformations in the relationships & psychology of children, our lives, and our lifestyles. 

Well, research of recent times tells us it’s all the butterflies that cause storms, yes the personal shifts in nature and the way of nurture that impacts the dynamic of cognitive ability transforming our environment impacting life and relationships. 

My point in the case is to comprehend: are we failing to jot what a relationship needs or, are we failing to understand ourselves to dot on our own needs? 

Are we busy blaming each other, pointing fingers? Judging who’s right & wrong? Are we comfortable in shaking off all me-me narrative to behold the other in our hearts? 

What escalates conflicts are the matters of right and wrong, who is the right one in a relationship? They say in the age of information ignorance is the choice, perhaps a perfect recipe for failed relationships i believe, when we fail to understand ourselves before the partner.

The truth is, there’s no right one or say there is no right or wrong. 

What is a soul mate? Perhaps there are many misconceptions about this question however the relationship therapist suggests that there is no right or wrong, but a soul mate is just the mate of your soul.

Soulmate comes together to help each other. Tannaz Chubb, the author of “Power of Positive Energy”, tells soulmates are the mate for your soul. Soulmates share similar energies and purposes. They come together to help each other achieve the said purpose.

The Typical signs that let you know, you ever encountered your soul mate are: 

 You have an instant and intense attraction toward your soul mate, and you both have a greater understanding of each other as you have already known each other for a long time.

 One cannot explain the secure connection, and you feel like it is a revival of connection with someone from the past life.

 Encounter with a soul mate can bring drastic changes to your life, perhaps in dramatic ways.

 Old habits, pain or fear, seem to revive through meeting this connection, things from the past may come up again but only to be released.

 Your soul mate may become the medium for your learning, upskilling or embracing a talent that was not known to you earlier.

 If in a romantic relationship the strong energy may cause the cycle of “on again-off again”, cycle.

 It’s fate circumstance that brings you to encounter your soul mate.

 One often feels extreme longing and attraction to the soul mate however often when the lesson is learnt the attraction may fade or change.

 The coming together of the soul mates feels something greater towards working, both of you feel bigger than just you two.

 Soul mates feel very much in sync with each other as if they together are perfect. They know what the other is feeling.

Connecting to the soul mate can kindle the light which draws one to reconnect with the soul essence. Not necessarily the soulmates are the romantic partners but often they are for they share high energies and intense attraction. 

Soulmates do not necessarily have to be together forever, once the soul is awakened and the lesson learned the soulmates can move on. Though soul mate doesn’t stay physically together forever, love is always there. The connection soulmates share is so substantial that the memories always remain.

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