The lighthouse of Alexandria, the Taj Mahal of India, the epics of Khajuraho, the glorious Konark Sun Temple, and the chest of secrets, the Pyramid of Egypt, are some of the names that hit my mind on the count of the “wonders of the world”. Or, one can say, they are the medium that manifests the wonder of the Divine Supreme, the “human mind”. 

Singing the glory of human capabilities, from the days of ancient to the present, the admirable creations depicting antiquity to that of the modern world. The evolution of arts, science, and architecture, the beauty of the human mind, and its development the ” Wonders of the world”, narrates the glory of the human brain & everything that a human mind can perceive, comprehend and create. 

But do you know, what’s the most complex creation over the phase of the earth? Its “human mind”, the human mind, is the most wondrous and complex creation of the Divine. The human mind that holds the heat of the sun creates lighting from nuclear reaction lighting lives that we get to get some life. Right? The same mind creates & nurtures life transforming an embryo into a child.

It’s the power of the mind that we call willpower, it’s stronger than that of glorious mountains. It’s our mind that graces its glory conquering its summit. Mind is gentle as the flowing river conquers obstacles overflowing marking victories. Humanity is an ever-evolving and overpowering environment dominating time, all hindrances and challenges. The human mind is the most complex creation of the Divine Supreme that flows with life. Mind is the most powerful and unique creation that can create and can perform at the best of its capabilities, skills, and talent. 

Well, the point to ponder is what stops humans from extracting the full potential and power of the mind. 

Be water, my friend said Bruce Lee. Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless, like water. You put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. What he is suggesting is to be in the state of flow, not resist the resistance, but be focused on your course and action accomplishing your tasks & attaining your set goals.  

To comprehend the capabilities,

To harness talent and skill,

To map up the potential of your mind

What you need is TO THINK. 

To think one needs time and energy.

But the revelation IS Humanity,

IS running out of time and energy.  

Loretta Lynn said, “You either have to be first, best, or different.”, do people have time to contemplate?  

Now our environment is more chaotic. With the internet and digitization, almost everything is available instantly. Manifestation and gratification are instant on tips… a habit that is setting people at rush stealing significance & value of “pause”. 

People are running after life in haste, mob mentality and the trends are considered cool, but that’s killing creativity brewing confusion, and seeding self-doubts. People have no time to listen to others or the inner voice, the voice of wisdom. 

To think through to be soaked in the work that one loves what is needed is our understanding of ourselves. Flow is the zenith a human mind can attain, a state where people perform best of their potential skills and talent, and then the outcome is unequaled. 

One of the leading successful businessmen John D Rockefeller said: His insights and ideas burgeon during meditation. The hours that appeared free to others were the moment of contemplation of his Why and How and thinking through the problems turned into eureka moments for him. 

Our ancient Indian text Upanishads elaborates on mediation in three states: the state of Shravan (sharing the truth), manana (thinking deep through the truth), and Nididhyana (living by the truth). 

For centuries its mediation aka pause that has marked a significant change for good in the life of people leading a poise, peaceful, purpose-driven life. When they say work is worship, it happens when, what you work, is your love. Or what you love, is your work. A state of mind where you lose the sense of time and never runs out of energy. 

But isn’t this true that over the phase of the earth what is of utmost importance is, IS limited? It’s our time and energy. Flow is the only state that let one be in sync with time without exhausting energy and to attain this state the way is mediation. When we are in love with the task or the work, doesn’t it become mediation? Yes!!

Still, it is so easy for us to get distracted. Psychologists say people generate about three hundred self-talk thoughts a minute, the sole cause of unhappiness. It is so difficult for a person to sit quietly in a room reflecting and paying attention, adding a pause to lives and creating time and space to flow with what you love. 

To attain this state of flow, this state of mind, the state of Meditation, Shravana (sharing the Truth), Manana (thinking deeply through the Truth), and Nididhyana (living by the Truth). It is necessary to look up all the factors that resist the attainment of this state of mind. It’s necessary to contemplate and ponder on your “what and why”. And why the significant things become difficult to attain? What are the distractions.? 

The truth is we desire to change and still, it takes a lifetime to change. And this is my suggestion: Let Inversion Work. Sometimes it is necessary to discover what path to follow, it’s equally important to know which path not to hit on. 

With Hard Problems Comes Inversion Opportunities. 


If you know any little about Elon musk you must be knowing he is the most optimistic person in the world. Following him over social media & his tweet feed over many years I have comprehended, Inversion is one of his greatest abilities. Look at his Mission to Mars Project. Who cares if we reach up to Mars? What is the probability of survival even if we reach there? Do you see the bullish scenario of setting up colonies there? Or it’s far bearish to think of it as an option to replace Mother Earth?… still, his optimism is unfathomable and far from pinning down. 

Well, what had he achieved all plans of selling marshmallows on mars or not… Love & awareness towards green energy and activation towards climate prevention had bounced for the better. His investment on Mars is harnessing for him a great harvest over the phase of earth. 

So in this competitive world with increasing competition, with awareness of the demand for quality in both ways, what is needed is adding value and meaning to the work or the task at hand. The shower of millions of choices further raises the bar placing importance on the presence of mind, paucity of time, and potential of your being and environment on the check to harness the quality within, in the work & the environment all that turns into the end product. 

Our mind has the power to create, it has its substance as its interior and equally gets influenced and impacted by the slightest exposure of the exterior which becomes a distraction, a motivation, and many times a stumbling block, impacting efficiency, attitude, insight, judgment & behaviors. Influencing & impacting balance the quality of the outcome. 

The question that arises is how one can increase or maintain the state of flow (OR) and How to eliminate all the factors that do not let you enjoy the state of flow. 


Flow is a significant part, not just for the generation of quality of work or product but also a significant evaluating factor of one’s well-being a parameter of measuring intelligence & success. Amid all distractions or chaos not losing your focus is intelligence. Flow is often associated with athletes, artists, or scientists who are fully task-absorbed to achieve peak performance. Experiencing flow is accompanied by a sense of accomplishment, meaningfulness, and a positive mood. 

Where a person’s skill and task challenge plays a role in inducing high levels of task-related attention arousal and interest also play a significant role. Awareness and involvement fully in the task and the least sense of self-referential thinking too are important. 

Research suggests the state of flow is 90% and is the generation of your subconscious mind and just 5% is in the control of your conscious mind (your present). And so to create the pattern of outcome that is all synced in the flow of your mind what one needs is to be more present. Not soaked in the thoughts of the past or future but concentrated on the present working, transforming the brain & conditioning behaviors. 

What can be more evident than the narratives of Covid 19? The event just set us at the flip and made the world attain pause disrupting the usual known behaviors. Who would have ever imagined that to save lives and to have a life one needs to practice isolation, where the basic human nature is being social? 

Shane Parrish says: All knowledge comes with an expiry date just as milk. When WHO and Professor Fauci came up with new guidelines and ever-changing suggestions each day, the fact was changing each day. The truth is change is only constant and still difficult for the human brain to accept it. When do they say stubborn things, what is more, stubborn than the human mind? 

So the question is what stops our mind from being in a state of flow? 

The crux is that our mind is very sensitive to the slightest interference or arousal and it loses its attention and enunciates neuroscience. To experience flow the key dimension is a match between a person’s skills and the task challenges in a manner that the mind not just involves but loves to be in that state. An easy task more likely leads to boredom, rather than flow, too difficult a task often leads to frustration, stress, or lack of interest. 

Another defining flow characteristic is the strong attentional focus. This implies the inhibition of task-irrelevant of stimuli or interrupting thoughts. The brain’s central executive network (CEN) is presumed to play a relevant role in this flow-related focus. Central Executive Network is the area responsible for brain function, like attention and memory. 

Low levels of self-referential thinking are a third hallmark of flow. During flow, stress levels are low and so are worries and self-reflective thinking. People who experienced flow often, at least retrospectively, reported feeling in control and having a clear sense of direction and so when one is in flow the time seems to fly. 

Research in neuroscience shows flow is right in proportion to your Optimism. The activity of the reward system tends to coincide with feelings of optimism and hope, a positive mood, a feeling of enthusiasm, energized or motivation insinuating intrinsic motivation, and a relentless dedication towards a task.

Meditation lets you deliberately practice going into states of concentration, as well as filtering out distractions

A consistent meditation practice, as well as the deliberate cultivation of these flow factors, help you in achieving flow much more consistently. Once you have chosen to be in synchronization with the flow, it is easy to catch up with the resolution. 

Honestly, you have won the half battle as you surrender mentally. What remains is the directing deeds now into action. Very meticulously minded that you have not to grant space to those thoughts that drag you and your spirit down. The objective is to create time and energy and space which can happen if we empty our mind and reflect on the decision one is about to make. 

For me, my morning hour is the time that help to focus on the divine meditations that open the gate to follow the day. Long walks help me to reflect on what’s going on in my mind, and what I wants to research and nurture. A simple gaze at the trees, birds, open skies and the rising sun helps me to visualize my imagination. 

What I understand is: resistance to resistance is the problem. When they say the obstacle is the way now in this world which is in our pocket this is not the truth. The science of programs and algorithms is taking control of your life. You encounter not what you always chooses. 

I think it is fair to say that we are not living deeply in a reflective time. And if we are not careful enough to skip the frenzy, it will consume our time, space, and energy. We will be extremely busy fighting the fights that don’t serve our purpose or our goals. 

It is important to slow down and pause before continuing with the journey otherwise will drift to points of view and beliefs getting a hold of them and they direct us. With reflection, we examine our reasons, and actions and can even bend the trajectories of our lives. 


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