The view from my balcony is so soulful, twinkling stars over the deep dark backdrop sprouted of moonless night proposing solace, lamps shining through hearts & the fireworks that taking over the heavens through rockets to kiss the stars.

The memory of a sobbing child I met in the village from yesterday’s visit hit me deeply shaking me out, the day when I was cherishing charity giving meaning and purpose to my world.

The child actually stumbled upon an anthill on the way to greet me Diwali greetings and to get back his share of crackers and sweet. All seems in vain as his cry fetch my attention to his barefoot bitten by ants.

In the other room Cole King’s “stardust” is in tune; a love affair in dreams. Perhaps the ultimate truth, yes we are the start and apart. Isn’t this absolute? Being one holding one universe and loving others still the world is falling apart.

Who we are what we aspire to be, none less than stars that stay together lighting up the nightline on moonless nights shining through the light within the light of incandescent.

What we are? Bundle of energy in the quantum world. Complete in ourselves with the portion of the Supreme. The potion is all within, to be empowered to be free, to be unlimited, to be creative, to be Divine, to be KIND, to be Optimistic – that is who we are ONE being, We all are made of stardust still part of divergent world and destiny. Well, where all this is true as light, the world is falling apart is the harsh truth, the disparity is on the rise and the hope is to fill the gap with Love and Kindness.

As we kindled the lamps of hope let’s now follow the light with unwavering Faith lighting the lives of less privileged and destitute bridging the valley with peace and truth. With Diwali on the corner, each year people have a new wish list. Greetings, Gifts, Grand Celebration, Sweets and new destinations to travel.

May we add on Kindness too, not just as seasonal greetings but as our true attitude. The essence that rings year-round, reflecting our being the twinkling in the moonlessness of many sharing giving hope of New Dawn. The Celebration with grandeur, an extravaganza of lights, family, friends ‘n happy vibes. Shimmer, Sweets, Crackers, ‘n lights and the list of errands that are necessities not for self but of others too.

Food is on the list that completes the festivities. Home-cooked or sweets from Manohar Dairy, Brijwasi or Ganwal sweets. Low-calorie or rich dry fruits, or fruits… whatever,desi / videshi completes the seasons’ greetings.

Kindness is not about instant gratification. More often, it’s akin to a low-risk investment that appreciates steadily over time.” — Josh Radnor

Considering that the structure of our lives, our schooling, our businesses, our societies the eternity are based on love care and affection, has bit shifted to seasons of festivity measure with material pleasure and thinking; things gifts, gathering, glamour and travelling list.

Much is available on-demand with a press of a button. In the present age of insta gratification ‘n deliverance, insta-consumption ‘n insta-generosity are stealing the vibes of contentment and sentiments. People donate, they provide vast amounts of aid to help the people in need, forgetting to peek out of the screen to see what’s happening down the street.

People hardly bother to know how/what’s on the other side of screens. And that gulf between people has never been more critical than now as we live more of our lives remotely. To thrive, living a content life, I have realized no matter how easy you find it to hold the world into pockets in closed doors. To get Sunshine & Life you have to keep doors open to real people embracing clear consciousness sharing laugh, purpose ‘n resolution the quantum in making and the community care.

We need to normalize and bring balance in the way community care works. A beautiful Buddhist proverb says: tend the area of the garden that you can reach. With a grateful heart and wish to care ‘n share hope ‘n humanity.

One act of kindness can be potential enough to reform lives. Illuminate courage & hope, extend a hand of help for others triggering a chain reaction. Kindness goes a long way and begins one kind thought, one compassionate heart . Yes, compassion for others is my purpose to live giving back to society.

I am running a Trauma Care Hospital at various locations, each day I witness people losing the race of life, hugging the bedridden injuries of a lifetime. You know, days do test the strength of the human mind.

The life of millions is in suffering without encountering injuries. They are facing a life that is not less than trauma. Barefoot walking miles, shrunk in winter nights the barre minimum requirements that too aren’t satisfied.

Patients who’ll recover and will be discharged soon can celebrate the festival with family at a later stage, but many will return to fight the life to place the bread on the table at night.

How long will keep our eyes closing on others and their suffering? Call it a rabbit hole filling our pockets? With courage, we can work on bringing the change. Connecting strong link supporting the weak. let helping others be the objective, the motive be the gift.

What one can do, how to live to be happy to be content? Well witnessing the plight of people has transcended my thinking, I have realised it’s not a matter of how globalisation happens as we hold the world into our pockets but that for the sunshine and source of life we have to keep the door open to real people, real connection. Developing a clear consciousness is a differentiation between aspiration and assumption.

Infuse your life with Action, Hold on to Faith Love Compassion. Count on the Blessings ‘n practice Gratitude, Drop on Light, Thanksgiving & Beatitudes. Spread Love share Joy and care for the needy, mend broken hearts and care for the broken Souls.

Something we are trying to do, diverting some profits to provide footwear and sweater in deep villages. This certainly is not the solution but then the world needs millions of people like me and like you to water the grass in the reach in our locality.

Kindness Is Medicine When You Give It To Others It Heals You.