Every relationship seems to be different but, probably it is not. Relationships take efforts to maintain and are not always happy though, as what is seen in the window. Loving each other is not enough, the fundamentally different values and virtues play the role to break apart. Some hardest insights bitter to accept but if kept in mind will likely to help one maintain a happy and fulfilling partnership.
Routine is annoying, with hectic schedules and professional priorities monotonous routine pattern sinks deep to anchor and surfaces into reality only when a jerk hits the fluent relationship. Kill the pattern,  break the dull routine and surprise each other giving some extra time. Maybe some time doing just the opposite also works.
However in long term relation, these two different approach may conflict to the limit of not working,  but its worth keeping this mantra in mind. Detach to attach or vice a versa, for a strong bond. There is nothing that calls one, relationships build in between to individuals and respecting that individuality helps.
While single what comes to mind is who is the right one? Truth is there isn’t the right one. Once you have chosen someone you have to make that person better fit, says couple therapist Esther Perel. How much one put in to try, determines the length of the relationship.
Passion may wax and wane in your relationship. It’s not always fireworks like that in the early stages, but the key is not to freak out. The decline of passion is better normal and should not be regarded as a factor of evaluation the relationship’s bond. Different values let the game desperate to match however if one has different interests that are not the problem. Total happiness is hard to find in any human relationship. Unrealistic expectations in a relationship are the bubbles hard to erase.
A fact tells study, a partner may not always be compatible. Is scary but study state, you may be happy with one person today and may not that person brings you the same happiness forever. Happiness should not be the scale to measure, however, how much tough time and adversities one passes through is the right measure suggests study. The real key is how one works regardless of changing times to stay together. The real question is whether you’re planning to try to make the relationship work irrespective of how you both change. There’s no right answer.