Valentine’s day is celebrated in commemoration of Saint Valentine, Who was persecuted by Claudius in Rome. Saint Valentine sacrificed his life helping others in the era when Serving (Christians) was considered a crime.Valentines is the time when Soulmates, Souls new in love, couples, friends, family every being appears to rejuvenate in love, feels special and is loved.
People get along in community and society to celebrate this day. Women in their circle have fun and play as they celebrate the love of their life. They dress in shades of red, decorate the space with blimps. Cakes, flowers chocolates is the theme, all soaking in the beauty of the materialistic world for the love of their life.
Me and my friends too have planned the celebration of valentines but not for ones in a year but every day, however in some different and in a purposeful way. Offering happiness to every soul around us is the theme. You know, Love is not always about romance. regardless of the type of relationship, one holds a special place for the people in life a little ratiocination all in gratitude.
The secret behind every Successful woman is her support system. A woman what needs is more support from not only her family but also from the helping hand that join in her daily chores. We have decided to mark this Valentine to show we do care towards our support system by all means.
Our maids at home, Caretakers of Kids, the local vendor, she who stuffs food to our fridge and hawker who provide with what we need. They are the people actually let us live better and stress-free. Helping to achieve our professional goals in this competitive world. It’s they who run our homes, we cannot manage our world on Stiletto alone.
The best help is to help others enabling them to be self-reliant,  empowering them.. The women in the below society are suffering. The report of a leading national voluntary platform for peace, equality and social justice for the women in slums shows the data that, these are the most miserable ladies stringent domestic and financial responsibilities.
We have decided, will, not only cheer and being more polite but will pay for one extra day. Gifts for their children and a surprise holiday so they too can cherish love with the people who bring happiness to them. We took a pledge to celebrate this day towards there happiness. We will hunt their talent and will provide medium so they can instead be living at the edge every day, develop a strong foundation for self in coming days.
Education is the best gift for these women, so they can help their kid to grow all good at home. At my SSE where we are already helping women from the village to pull them out of dependency. Now setting a new setup an incubation program for them in our locality, that will make them aware of the changing world so they may handle their kid better.
We pledged, will never bargain from the local howker who sell fruits and vegetables. Why can’t your servants be  Valentine? Why can’t show them some care all ingratitude? Why can’t grant them the things that really support theirs and their’s family need? Why don’t we extend out selfless behaviour towards those who are really in deep need? Poor people who toil the whole day to earn bread. Selflessness may not lend itself to logic, but the market and advertising world forces do. And if you are doing, why cannot towards those who certifiably need care.
Is’nt a good idea to stop bargaining and fighting for a penny, which is not just a penny but all in realia cause of survival to many? Have you ever thought how much difference will an extra 5 will rupees may impact to you? How much difference will it make to a vegetable vendor, carpenter, housemaid or a rickshaw puller? Just think and decided. Where we spend 100 or 50 rupees without worry these poor people work for hours to earn this money. If we can be little thoughtful, and stop bargaining how much value we can feed.
At the end of the day, what they earn is not even enough to feed themselves and their families. We are all aware of their way of life, but still, we bargain with them until they have nothing to earn from their sales. When we go to malls or large shops do we ever do this?
We decided to pay for the labours and people around us a bit better than to do charity. This way we can directly see the impact on their lives and their faith that they can earn a decent living with honesty.  That is the best way to celebrate Valentine’s day, isn’t it?