Valentine’s Day is the day that talks about love, and when we say VALENTINE what comes to mind is chocolate, cakes and flowers. All the gesture that show our affection towards the person we love. Though a selfless and unconditional Love cannot be contemplated over the commercial catalogue. Love may not lend itself to logic, but the market and advertising world forces do. During Valentine’s week, each day hold a particular sentiment. The world celebrated the Sixth Day as HUG Day.

Who is your Valentine? BAND OF WOMB!

When I close my eyes recalling old days,
He was who hugged me to bring solace.
He was who held me when I was broken,
Spoken words to bring peace to me and brought out of the notion.
Mommy Daddy when we’re out at work,
you who cared for me and my each and every small activity.
That is togetherness  of Bro & Sis,
Never together still one without others is never complete.

Love is never about romance,
Its a celebration of relations woven by God,
& never happens Just by chance.
Connection far above of bone and flesh,
that eyes can see or hand can touch.
A profound feeling, the connection of Soul,
Heart blend together and if separated the other is never whole.
One blood, one flesh and one soul,
Separated in bodies out of mother’s hold.
That is the love of Bro & Sis,
Never together still one Without others is never complete.

Friends & Lovers may come and go.
Family stays together forever more.
How can One forget the spark in eyes,
The triumph of stealing jelly from jars
When in afternoon mommy sleeps bye.
That is the fun Bro & Sis cherished,
Never together still one without others is never complete.

Unconditional love and Support,
Completing my homework notes,
Negotiating over the candies,
To keep me quiet on his excursion with buddies.
Love that, teases sometimes hurts but never shine out fade,
The hand is always there to hold, waiting out at school gates.
That is the chemistry of  Bro & Sis caring and comforting,
Never together still one without others is never complete.

Mommy Papa what said, Holding  intact to the values we had, Standing strong in all odds, It’s been you and me against the cosmos.Now that we’re adults, Still, You are the person I call to when face struggle,You keep reminding me of who I was and who I still want to be,Showing me the mirror, the truth others can never see.That is the Love of  Bro & Sis coping and complaining, Never together still one without other is never complete.

 Happy Valentine’s Day to the Best Brother ever!

I love you, Bro!!