10,000 kisses or maybe infinite!

I kissed you n’ several times every moment of the day and night.
You who incarnated me, I born as a mother with love for divinity.

I kissed you at every move of yours, even when you flipped inside my embryo.

I kissed you when you threw your hand and feet,
as you exhibited to stay only and only in my lap that’s your pursuit.

I kissed you every day a thousand times as you grew,
And now, when you’re old enough to be by my side,
Am still unstoppable while you are busy

Correcting me Teaching
to live all in swag and style…

Valentine’s day is a day dedicated to the celebration of love. Is it possible to sum up love in a day? The love that you have for your near and dear ones, can it be flaunted in a day when a lifetime is not enough to show them how much you care?
 Is it enough, that just in one day, you can downpour all the gratitude towards the cause which let you experience the most fascinating feeling of “Love”?
 Is throwing Love for your partner, spouse, children, family, friends or community just in a day, is that enough? Love is an enormous and infinite inflow, how one can proclaim it & restrict it in a clock when a lifetime is not enough to celebrate this emotion though.
I decided to celebrate each day of my life as valentines day with my Valentine. A selfless true love,  which keeps on flowing endlessly even when I will not be present in this world physically. My Valentine, my daughter.
A girl is the future mother of humanity. As she grows to complete the lifecycle, following the cycle of nature she becomes the channel to bring up a new soul to divinity. As a mother, she put in each moment each day giving in love to upbrings a child, eventually who will be a source to the community to further pass what she has received, i.e is love and respect.
A recent report of the United Nations was an alarm, which places our nation in the row of the most dangerous and horrifying world. That report tells the status of girls child and women in India is not that to be proud of. In the land, where the Goddesses are worshipped, a girl child is not welcome. Apart from the recent report, the data shows that the girls are not safe in the land of Goddesses.
The girl child is not treated equal, and when she grows up in such vicinity this inequality grows in form insecurity, gender inequality and danger to their virtue of women hood, puts our culture straight into a scanner. Despite good education, law formation and enforcement, and employment, women are not safe.
What is the cause that has led such a great nation with great heritage to this low level of shame? It’s somewhere deep-rooted in our present-day system the subconscious thought process that doesn’t welcome a girl child and has a very conservative sight.
During her upbringing, there is a huge difference in the pattern of raising a girl child. It’s not that what she suffers from inequalities becoming the cause, but also the male in the family who have seen from generations the difference and maltreatment towards the femininity, that wires in their mind and they developed humility towards the women which has originated in decades.
To fight this difference rooted in our genes, there is a demand to inculcate the thoughts of equality. Empowering Girls for a brighter tomorrow and increasing the awareness among the people from all walks of life. This love and respect have to be fed every day at every moment of life. With love, We’ll do to our daughters and not just on valentine.
Together when this new generation will provide better opportunities and change behaviour towards the girl child, and this everyday practice will inculcate and observed in their mind, slowly and study in a generation time it will change the attitude and outlook towards the girl child. This outlook and change will pass on from a girl to the future women and eventually to the future human.
She will see love & respect all around that eventually will flow to the generation down. Offering more support and new opportunities for the girls they will build a future where every girl will be standing for the other.
The inequalities faced by the girl child in our society need to be banished, which will happen only with the change enroot with love towards Genz. Empowered women when will fill the new girl with confidence and love, she will rise to raise many other above.
Every woman where ever is she, when will raise a girl in full credence, in every sphere of life, though be it in schools, non-profit organisations and other public places and will host many programmes including an awareness campaign on save girl children and towards creating a healthy and safe environment for a girl child. All efforts every day added drop by drop will lead to a safer future. My girl is my Valentine.