People often complain about their relationships, as they forget relationships are living bonds. They breathe the warm of souls, relationships Soul Conjunction need to be feed and pamper with respect, time, emotions, care, belongingness and not just the worldly things

Soul Conjunction

Who is your Valentine? Promise to uplift at least a Soul!

What if, we can make this festival of love, a celebration of life for those who seek genuine love and care for a lifetime?
We all love and care for those who are ours, we get that same fulfilment from them. What if extending our boundaries we go selfless and give little attention and care to those who are in despair? Adding meaning to life, instead just living every day of it. From chaos to charm, being human little more, loving little more, not for self but or those who need more of it.
If you are little well-off, and spending money on recreation and life crafts is affordable, sharing some financial support towards an orphan kid at shelter home, which may be not a problem for you. But few things value more than money, its togetherness and time.
If with money, one can support with goods is great, but what these little angles need is not only it. If you can contribute some time with them, this will help them rather more effectively. Teaching, training, adding value to their life by any means of art that you can provide, being a guiding light to these underprivileged in life.
An honest commitment if you are capable to make, attach to a needy soul to bring them some solace. A child who will get to learn from you, not only lesson of life but will learn to live and share selfless life.
This Valentine me and my friends took the oath of commitment of adding cheerfulness to these children. We registered our self as volunteers for them to be Valentine for life. Sharing happiness and value learning, teaching, improving. Bringing that change for better, a confident future to the child.
According to our capabilities, will provide time with insight. When you give someone your time, you are giving them a portion of your life healing them channelising positive vibes.
My Self being a doctor have decided to dedicate my time in child building, to teach them with health hygiene and moral science and also providing them with psychological guidance. We committed our selves, will visit them and spend time there need and schedule regularly.
Giving our time as a teacher/mentor establishing bond for a lifetime will be a matter for us of hours, but for these kids, it will be joy unlimited. There are many orphanages and shelter home, who are taking care of such children and what they need a-part from funds are the people who can give attention, time and insight.
We may not be biological family to them but love is never bound only to blood relation. In many cases the biological parents are deceased, sometimes the biological family is abusive to the child, or the parents had to leave to work elsewhere and were unable or unwilling to take the child.
These are the broken souls, destiny let them end alone. Our little care and attention can be the world to them. Our influence brings great change and healing to them.
Today‚Äôs residential institutions for children, also described as Congregate care, include group homes, residential child care communities, children’s homes, rehabilitation centres, night shelters, and youth treatment centres, which are run either by the government or by NGO, with programs and facilities to patch up these kids with the mainstream one.
Our more involvement with them and our human touch and kindness helps them to recover more from the mental trauma healing their souls. When one loses parents as a child, they are indoctrinated into a club facing life’s severest confidence. Extending them hand to hold, feeding meaning confidence in life, teaching them the true meaning of Valentine. My Valentine these bundle of joy packed with potential to show and shine.

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