“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s SOUL remains unawakened.”


Be a little more human. Love animals, show some care in action. Love is Divine, not defined out of blood or flesh, being human or for the animals, it’s in eternity one we feel thee. We care for their well being, and we make effort to provide them with a sense of safety and security.


We love people around us, we care for them. However, love is not certain of relations to humans alone. Being human, a supreme creation of Divine its human nature to feel love and care for all creatures, the creation of Supreme Almighty.

Extending your wings being human, when you can provide love without expectancy caring creatures that breathe. What God made a human with is “a kind heart and source of love & kindness”.


During Valentine’s week, each day hold a particular sentiment. The world celebrates the fourth day of Valentine Week as Teddy Day. A selfless and unconditional Love may not lend itself to logic, but the market and advertising world forces do. How if we can add to this materialistic drive to the purposeful direction.when you buy a teddy to gift which in reality is of no use, instead if you can invest that money towards animal care.


You know, Love is not always about romance. I know many who have immense love for animals too. They love and care not only for pets of there’s, however, because their basic nature is to care and that care is released in every action of their being towards animals also.


What the world needs more than ever, as never before is love. Love not only for your spouse or kids, your family, your neighbours, or for people in the community you live with, but fairly in the present days, every living soul is screams for love and needs love.


Love is a gesture of care, belongingness, value and affection without conditions. What does more one receive from Mother Nature Supreme? The life of every living creature is dependent on her wellbeing. Earth is inhabited by many living creatures apart from humans.


With the evolution of humanity, humans underwent huge development changes, the rest of all other living creatures are intact to the basicity. They are the human who evolved with development and our development has caused a lot of harm to every other life in connectivity.


From plants to animals. Land, forest and Sea, they’re all affected for the worse by humanity. The changing scenario, & the ways lifestyle has changed, with the emergence of the rising population and advancement of technology, Climate Change has worst impacted the world of animals.


Why cannot we be more sensitive towards other living creatures?  


Do you remember the movie, Avatar or for that matter the later release of Indian Super Stars Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar ‘2.0’,? It was storming in realia, how the species of birds are extinguishing? or the invasion of humans in the world of animals is impacting?


Many NGOs are when fighting for the cause, “love of life, for the love of Nature, animals and birds”. People are making efforts raising in awareness, which will definalty extend the “lease of Life” of Mother Earth but to just an extended only.


Can we be more sympathetic towards animal life?


What hits my mind is how the influence of numbers in our lives, the influence of technology is crashing the animal. Now we don’t depend on paper money but digital wallets, our life is ruled by cellphone and social media. Happiness depends upon the number of likes and shares. How we are moving from human nature to being beast all in sophistication one cant see, all leaving carbon prints more the poison for the earth.



My sister birds, you owe much to God, and you must always and in everyplace give praise to Him; for He has given you the freedom to wing through the sky and He has clothed you… you neither sow nor reap, and God feeds you and gives you rivers and fountains for your thirst, and mountains and valleys for shelter, and tall trees for your nests. And although you neither know how to spin or weave, God dresses you and your children, for the Creator loves you greatly and He blesses you abundantly. ~ Saint Francis of Assisi

 How beautiful the prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi, that explains how nature is the foundation of life, but the present-day living of humankind is every day breaking that bond of beauty with Nature’s serenity.

We can be more considerate towards the animals. We cannot say we love animals and live in our ways which are damaging to planet earth and so damaging towards the animal kingdom. 

  • Funding an industry that inflicts incomprehensible suffering, torture and pain on our world’s most innocent earthlings poor animals. How many of us are ready to live our morals, take action on our ethics and live in authentic ways?
  • How many of us understand that when we speak of love, kindness, and divinity then those conversations have no meaning if, in reality, we don’t show care for animals by our actions. This valentine teddy day, if we do little more for animals selflessly, so our kids and young in the surrounding can see. Little known by what we did, not what we said, but we will be cherished for our integrity, honesty.
  • If we truly understand and start living in kind ways for animals to adopt a compassionate way of life. There are choices we have full control over, like the choice to be moral. Morality, that thing we keep lecturing our kids on but don’t do ourselves. How beautiful the world will be where all humans are loving, just, unselfish and willing to change? Change to care for animals too.
  • We should pray and help our animals, not only because we love them, but also because they are one of God’s beloved creatures. God made everything on earth, including the animals we hold so dear to our hearts. They too are the Blessed Souls.


Here are Ways One Can Help Animals.


  1.  Work with large proven organisations for animals.
  2.  Get involved with the local animal shelter.
  3.  Watch and Share, Documentaries to make people around you aware.
  4.  Be more outdoor and aware of your locality and help the street animal to shelter incorporation with the Municipal Corporation.
  5.  Be less on technology, reduce carbon print because caring for the environment goes side by side to caring for animals, mother nature is their home.
  6.  If you have an honest calling and love for animals go VEGAN, the best one can do on this Teddy Day.
  7. If there’s ever a natural disaster or emergency requiring evacuation in the area where you live, our very first reaction is self-safety and the safety of people we love, if you have pets or your neighbours, do, care and think of them too. You have to be ready to keep not only yourself safe, but your dogs, cats and other pets.

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