Nurturing is the relationship between the soul of a woman and the soul of mother earth. We celebrate women and her nature to nurture, seeding new life all unconditionally and selflessly.
Womanhood is the Greatest Gift From God, at Soul Conjunction we salute femininity. Nurturing and caring a new soul selflessly, with unconditional love is the nature of a woman.
Womanhood is that gift of God where you don’t live life, however, you are at the uttermost level of living a selfless life. Perhaps providing and protecting becomes your nature elevating your status in closeness to divinity and so the women in our country are manifest as Goddess.
On the occasion of  International women’s day, the world comes together to celebrate and cheers femininity and the power of womanhood. What more can be beautiful than a woman celebrating and cheering for other womankind?
This year’s theme for the International Women’s Day is, Balance For Better.  Balance For Better talks about Gender Equality in the Workplace.

 We wish you all women a very “Happy Women’s Day”

When woman celebrate woman and support each other, it facilitates a support system that paws the path of their progress and provides good grounds to grasp strong roots, escalating hope for the development of women all in complete equality.
Equality toward balance in society for the admiration of securing her from head to heel professionally- personally, her sex ratio and her sexuality. Women needs support so to cover that extra mile as compared to her male counterpart who get a head-start as they leap into the world to perform and progress.
The latest report reveals that working women share hardly 34% of working space, which is very minimal in general and needs to back for further enhancement. For a woman to paw the path in the professional world is not straight, although if she gets that balanced environment, support form family members and partner the narrative can change.

More and more women can come up to join the professional world to exploit their education and qualification appending their value towards economic sustainability. Balanced and an encouraging environment at work and at home acts as shock absorbents to those bumpers that break downs her, drags her down to defeat before she could catch up the train of her professional aspirations.

The latest tweet from the Chairman Mahindra Group, Mr Anand Mahindra, was the talk of the town shading light on the subject #balanceforbetter. Mr Anand Mahindra shared his anecdote stating, ” I’ve been helping to babysit my year old grandson this past week & it’s brought home to me the stark reality of this image. I salute every working woman & acknowledge that their successes have required a much greater amount of effort than their male counterparts”.
Women especially in our country, where her day breaks all in selflessness, She who surrenders to the needs of family first and slowly swiftly paws to catch up her spirit and aspirations for the day looming in. Her fuel to carry on are the faces that reflect satisfaction to her being. Smiling and cheering faces of her kids, parents and family that is the trigger for her blasting her to the zenith of achievement to the gliding hights.
Women who step into professional world to compete men and society, her priority is to drape down all the need of the people around her in the family in alignment imperative of her needs, physically, emotionally, or say professionally. Bittersweet truth is the life of women who glide to grasp her dream in glee finds meaning to it only when she sees the faces of the people who hold her heart are happy.
This women’s day we celebrate those women who took their first step into the professional world powering narratives, the first of their kind in the exclusive and uncommon profession inspiring and empowering gateway to the others.
We cheer all these winning souls who are the groundbreakers as they marked not their’s first nevertheless the first for the womankind. The ladies who breaking down the stereotypes set the new record in the men chauvinistic world facing and piercing the challenges to conquer. Facing the day to day challenges these groundbreakers who not only conquer the zenith however made summit to surrender.
These are the narrative of those souls who sidelined their emotion and essence to establish and practice their mind in reverence for womanhood from the rest of mankind. A balanced world is a better world. These women who digging and speeding their heel forge a more gender-balanced world for the girls of gen next to see.
What one cannot achieve alone can be done when together. When we support femininities at work and at home, her femininity spins serendipity that favours the progress of the society.  Supporting women is a noble message that is infectious inaction that reforms society.

 How we can bring in and build balance for the betterment?

 Celebrating more women’s achievement.

 Raising awareness against bias.

 Taking action for equality.

The leading Ladies Who paw the path setting stepping stones, First Ladies who exalted femininity for the very first in their fields ever.  Pawing the path toward equality for women the first females who have achieved milestones and are declared as ‘firsts’ in their respective fields with them to inspire the other female’s defining  #balanceforbetter.


 Ms Aditi Pant, the first lady from India who took the voyage to Antarctica.


 Alisha Abdullah an Indian racing driver. She is the country’s first female national racing champion.


 Flight Lieutenant Avani Chaturvedi is one of the first female fighter pilots of India.


 Bhawana Kanth, the first women pilots in the Indian Air Force. Ms Bhawana was commissioned as flying officers in July 2016.


 Ms Chhavi Rajawat, first female sarpanch of her village Soda, 60 kilometres from Jaipur, she is an MBA graduate who decided to get into the development work for her village and is working to bring clean drinking water, solar power, good roads, toilets and bank.


 Deepa Malik is the pioneering female who came to recognition her win at Paralympics in the year 2016 Rio de Janeiro. She was the first woman to won medal in the Paralympics from India.


 Dr Bharti Lavekar, moved by the sufferings of the ladies who were unable to afford or get access to sanitary napkins, she set up India’s first digital sanitary pad bank in the year 2017.


 Ms Harshini is the First Indian female Firefighter.


 Manju Yadav who worked as the coolie, broke the barrier of Ghoonghat Prathat after the death of her husband as she took the profession of porter which a female never did before.

 Sunalini Menon is Asia’s first woman professional in the field of coffee tasting. She joined the Coffee Board of India in 1972. She worked with the board for 24 years before she opted for voluntary retirement, and later launched her consultancy, Coffeelab limited, in Bangalore, India.

 Mohana Singh, Bhawana Kanth and Avani Chaturvedi. The trio was inducted and declared as the first combat pilots into the Indian Air Force fighter squadron in June 2016.


 Ms Ira Singhal, the very first Divyang woman to top the civil services in the year 2014.


 aster Chef Pankaj, Pankaj Bhadouria was the winner of the first season of Indian cookery contest, ‘Master Chef India”. Pankaj was a school teacher by profession who quit her job to participate in the first season of MasterChef India. She has hosted the TV shows Chef Pankaj Ka Zayka (StarPlus), Kifayati Kitchen (Zee Khana Khazana).


 Praveena Solomon, she is that brave first Lady who put a full stop to the stereotype thinking that women cannot perform the jobs that might traumatise them. Praveena is a crematorium manager for Chennai’s oldest and busiest cremation ground.


 Priya Jhingan is the first woman to join the Indian Army.


 Captain Radhika Menon is the first female merchant navy captain. Cap. Radhika is also the recipient of the award by the International Maritime Organisation- IMO, for her bravery in the Bay Of Bengal sea zone in the year 2015, when she rescued seven fishers from the sinking fishing boat.


 Seema Rao, the first lady in India to become a Commando. Ms Seema is a 7th-degree black belt holder in military martial arts, Seema Rao is India’s only female commando trainer.


 Shatbi Basu, the first lady to take the profession of a bartender. Ms Shatbhi runs her professional bartending academy called STIR and has also hosted a television show on mixology.

 Tabassum Ali, the first woman in India to drive a monster vehicle.


 Tanvi Shah, she is the first Indian who won the Grammy for her Spanish lyrics for Jai ho from the Movie Slumdog millionaire.


 Around the world in 7 months: All-woman Indian Navy crew of INSV Tarini sets sail on a historic voyage.


 Dr Renu Sharma Chairperson Narmada Health Group, founder of “Narmada Jeevan Daiyan”, & “Narmada Wellness World”, has broken the glass ceiling with her enthu and dedication, she is the first and the only medical scholar who has established & is managing the chain of the hospitals in central India from the past decade.

These are the women who have achieved milestones and are declared as ‘firsts’ in their respective fields breaking the ceiling influencing the women of the world to dream more do more.