Happy Valentine’s Day 2023

Yolo, Valentine!
Pause ‘n dive deep within,
Love yourself, your very being.
Fetch courage brewing,
Benevolence for yourself.
Follow your bliss begin yourself,
Retrospect ‘n reward yourself.
Rest, rejuvenate & respect yourself,
Embrace care ‘n compassion for yourself.
Yolo, love yourself to Love O Valentine!

Pause, behold the beauty of blooming blossoms,
Rejoice in fragrance of your fluttering soul & incarnation.
Cuddle the pup that follows you ‘n yours,
Feel the kiss of breeze ‘n touch of Mother Earth.
Be grateful for the sun that shines just,
Anchor in your confidence being you.
Dismissing tumultuous thoughts that steal peace,
Power up faith that let you rise above irk trivial topics.
Grace that pindown jargon efforts & views,
Fuel hope healing holding intact all through.
Yolo, love yourself to Love O Valentine!

Pause ‘n transcendence to,
All yellow purple red ‘n blue.
Hues that peep through the window,
Be grateful for the rain & the rainbows.
The journey you continued,
Never giving up.
The progress we marked,
Albeit temptations & tempest.
The progress that embarked,
Transforming traumas,
In to tryst ‘n devotion.
Yolo, love yourself to Love O Valentine!

Pause embrace the romance of seen & unseen,
Believing in self & all strange things.
Holding on to the trust of the Divine,
Within & all encountering.
Banishing fear rooted in conscientious,
Proposing healing love ‘n light.
The love you put out for,
Yourself & for the world.
Now withstanding all,
Suffering, Challenges & tests.
You are all in your Very being,
A person, Of, For, By, LOVE,
flourishing… Yolo Valentine!

Be Your Own Valentine, Invoke Your Ikigai!