If you think about problems, you will attract problems. If you think about the solutions you will attract solutions. 

The brain cells called neurons are so ordered that they exhibit properties of magnetism, that attracts like-minded, aligning itself in an external magnetic field.

Yes, the mind is a magnet; having said that do you know how this magnet works? One can make it work by own choice for attracting optimistic outcomes. To instigate Serendipity the ingredient needed is optimism and positive Intentions. 

When you are conscious of your intention, when you are in alignment with who you are, when you have faith that you’re a powerful creator you can change your world. You have to understand and accept that you are the creator; you create your environment and you are not the product of your environment. 

So, as you synchronize your consciousness with your intentions the magic does start to happen, as Universe commences creating serendipity. Except there are no tricks, no deception, it’s you. You have the power to create new you, your reality. 

Your consciousness creates the reflection of your intentions that manifest as fractals in the universe and generate similar unending images. 

Human beings are designers who can ignite the evolution of their environment; the spiritual, social and mental state that we live in.

How beautifully that song says; “If you hold anger, guess what comes to you? A lot of very angry people do”. And as Ralph Waldo Emerson, quoted — ‘Love, and you shall be loved.’ Remember the choice is always yours. We are a person of our choices.

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